Upcoming Webinars

Advancements in Manufacturing for Rapid Delivery of pDNA Starting Materials

In this GEN webinar will explore developments within Charles River’s plasmid DNA CDMO service offerings, including platform screening and manufacturing approaches, improved supply chain management, 100% in-house testing, and, most recently, the launch of off-the-shelf plasmid products for viral vector manufacture.

A Virtual Insight into Cell Culture Using Advanced Analytics

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Sartorius, our presenter Chris McCready, PhD, will introduce an array of hybrid methods, including a mix of data-driven and mechanistic models.

Advancing mRNA Therapeutics with Engineered Enzymes

Join this GEN webinar, where scientists from Codexis and Tune Therapeutics will highlight how engineered enzymes overcome common challenges with capping efficiency and dsRNA impurities in IVT manufacturing of mRNA required for vaccines and cell/gene therapeutics.

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On Demand Webinars

Supporting the Clinical Adoption of Enzymatic DNA in Advanced Therapy Manufacturing

Join us for this GEN webinar, where our distinguished guests, Dr. Tommy Duncan and Dr. Jill Makin, will provide an insightful discussion on how doggybone DNA (dbDNA), an enzymatically produced alternative to pDNA, can offer a rapid pathway to GMP, alongside a scalable, and safe solution to support a wide range of genetic medicines.

Functional Phosphoproteomics Finds Resolutions with Ion Mobility

In this GEN webinar, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Florian Meier, will provide detailed insights into a new experimental approach that combines streamlined sample processing, dia-PASEF, and trapped ion mobility (TIMS) mass spectrometry to analyze the phosphoproteome of cancer cell lines.

Plasmid Manufacturing Strategies for Diverse Therapeutic Candidates

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by ProBio, our distinguished speaker, Dr. Ming Ni, will discuss GenScript ProBio’s plasmid platform technologies designed for producing plasmid DNA in high yields using advanced methodologies.

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