Editorial Guidelines

Get your company published in the world’s most powerful biotechnology publication.

GEN‘s editorial strength lies in its wide breadth of coverage, encompassing the entire field of biotechnology: from the latest advances in drug discovery, OMICs, and gene editing research through translational medicine, bioprocess scaleup, and commercial production. Biotechnology professionals rely on GEN for authoritative coverage of genomics, cell therapy, nextgeneration sequencing, epigenetics, immunotherapy, CRISPR gene therapy, biomarker discovery, precision medicine, bioprocessing, and more.

GEN welcomes your news and new product releases. We also invite companies to submit
tutorials as well as technology overview articles that serve to demonstrate your firm’s
expertise and bring you new business opportunities.

Please see GEN‘s guidelines below for submitting news, articles, tutorials, and new product


Print and Online News
Send all press releases to GEN at [email protected].

News is compiled daily for GEN‘s online news coverage. The stories are posted each day on
our website and distributed in a daily eNewsletter to subscribers.

People in the News
Lists new hires and promotions in the industry. Send people announcements to Christina Jackson at [email protected].

Additional Columns
Additional columns include: Point of View (opinions on a biotech-related issue) and thought leader articles. Submission queries for these columns should be directed to John Sterling at [email protected].

Calendar of Events
GEN‘s Calendar of Events includes conferences, trade shows, workshops, and symposia
relevant to Biopharma. Send Calendar items to Katherine Vuksanaj at [email protected].

New Product Announcements
GEN offers biotechnology tool providers a compelling way to promote their new products. All new product announcements should be sent to Christina Jackson at
[email protected]. Please send a full product description, company name,
website, and product shot with a resolution of at least 300 dpi at 5-inches wide. Submission of the high-resolution electronic image of the product is mandatory.

Feature Articles
GEN‘s Planning Calendar lists the feature article focus for each issue. If you want your company to be considered for inclusion in a particular article, please contact John Sterling at [email protected] three months prior to the publication date (clearly indicating the issue and topic in the subject line of your email message), as this is generally when articles are assigned.

GEN publishes Drug Discovery, Assay, Bioprocess, and Translational Medicine Tutorials. We
welcome queries for submissions of tutorials outlining the use of a particular technology or
application. These semi-technical articles should preferably include numerical and/or
pictographic data (three graphics maximum, including tables). Please avoid marketing
descriptions or advertorial writing; it is GEN‘s policy to focus on the science. This is an
opportunity to highlight the technical strengths of your company’s product or service. Tutorials are technical application notes and not data-rigorous presentations, such as peer-reviewed submissions. All tutorials should be 1,000-1,200 words in length.

As tutorials are not usually time-sensitive, GEN schedules these articles many months in
advance. You may wish to time the publication of your tutorial with a particular issue, given its editorial focus or intended distribution. If so, please query us well in advance to ensure that a particular slot is available. As space varies, however, inclusion in a particular issue cannot be guaranteed.

Please contact John Sterling at [email protected] to pitch a tutorial idea. If your
tutorial query is accepted, we will contact you with detailed submission requirements and
guidelines for submitting electronic graphics.

Drug Discovery Tutorials cover technology related to high-throughput screening, target
identification, validation, high-content analysis, cell signaling, etc., that is used to identify and develop biopharmaceutical compounds and small molecules drugs.

Assay Tutorials cover technology relating to assays for drug discovery and development.

Bioprocess Tutorials cover technology, from bioreactors to media to cell lines, relating to cell culture, scale-up, process transfer, etc.

Translational Medicine Tutorials cover clinical research and technology and methods for
precision medicine use.

*Note that GEN does not solicit payment for any editorial coverage and respects all embargoes.

GEN‘s Planning Calendar containing the editorial focus for each issue is posted here.

GEN distributes particular issues at international meetings and conferences. These are also
listed in the Planning Calendar.


Editorial Office-(914) 740-2200
Editor in Chief-John Sterling ([email protected])
Deputy Editor in Chief-Julianna LeMieux ([email protected])
Production Editor-Robert Reis ([email protected])
Online Editorial Manager-Katherine Vuksanaj ([email protected])
Associate Editor-Christina Jackson ([email protected])
Group Publisher-Sande Giaccone ([email protected])
EVP, Strategic Development-Kevin Davies ([email protected])

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