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Bioprocessing 4.0 Impacting New Drug Development

Therapeutic advances in cancer treatment and transplant technology empowered through advanced biomanufacturing technologies.

Bioprocess Sector Working to Maintain Technology Supply Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Companies are striving to keep staff safe while maintaining the supply of systems for vaccine development. Crisis on supply chains, production, and shipments to customers has still been manageable, but the high dynamics of this situation are challenging.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Invests Over $475 Million in New Capabilities and Capacity

The goal is to meet the increasing demand for new biologics, cell and gene therapies, and drug products.
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Personalized Medicine Prompts a ‘Rethink’ among Bioprocessors

From a manufacturing perspective theranostics, including bespoke cell and gene therapies, are a paradigm change for which established production strategies will not work.
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Artificial Intelligence and Outsourcing Impact Bioprocessing Operations

AI is having a weighty effect on efficiency and reproducibility, which will profoundly affect the management of personnel.
Data and DNA

This Does Not Compute

If Bioprocessing 4.0 is really going to take off, where’s all the computation that is critical and necessary for the transformation of biomanufacturing?

Advanced Collagen Platform Developed via Fermentation-Based Processes

A triple helix structure and other biological properties are featured that mimic attributes of natural collagen so it can interact with cells and tissues.
Cocoon Platform

Lonza Collaborates to Assess POC Manufacturing for Cancer Cell Therapies

The collaborations include tech transferring cell therapy manufacturing processes developed independently at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy into the platform.
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Seeking Savings from Single-Use

Bioprocessing continues to be advance and that adoption of single-use technologies is high, particularly among cell- and gene-therapy companies and contract biopharmaceutical manufacturers.
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Streaming Process Streams?

Ex-Google X innovator aims to digitize bioprocess research and development and to allow multiple experiments to be run in parallel while allowing data to be accessed online in real time.

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