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Better Coverage Assays for Better HCP-ELISAs: Quantifying The Benefits

Biotechnology has turned cells into machines capable of making biological medicines that are more effective and better targeted than traditional drugs.

Engineered Crops Could Produce Low Cost Medicines and Industrial Proteins

Field trials by a Cornell University-led team suggest that transgenic tobacco plants could represent a more cost-effect approach for producing pharmaceutical and industrial proteins at the commercial scale than current cell-based methods.

With VEGAS System, Faster Directed Evolution Could Be a Sure Thing

A directed evolution system, VEGAS, works in mammalian cells and can yield useful new molecules within days, providing scientist with a powerful new research tool and a potential route to better therapeutics.
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An Integrated Digital Vision for Biomanufacturing’s Future

The pharmaceutical market is changing rapidly thanks to the success of biologics and other cell and gene therapies. The FDA, meanwhile, expects to be approving 10–20 new gene and cell therapies annually from 2025. GE Healthcare hopes to tackle the challenges of manufacturing new gene and cell therapies with systems integration and digitization.

Amicus, Thermo Fisher’s Brammer Bio Partner on Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Amicus Therapeutics will address clinical and commercial supply needs for its intrathecal AAV Batten disease gene therapy programs by partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s recently-acquired Brammer Bio.
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Bioreactor Design Adapts to Biopharma’s Changing Needs

Responsiveness to user needs, not an enthusiasm for bells and whistles, is what drives bioreactor design, which strives to improve process control, ease of use, scalability, and more.
Epic Sciences’ Functional Cell Profiling (FCP)

Liquid Biopsy Technologies Diversify in Expanding CTC Field

CTCs have a lot to say about cancer and where it’s going, but they don’t say it loudly. Fortunately, they are finding their voice thanks to microfluidics, immunomagnetic separation, and other technologies.
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Achieving Unique Synergies in Antibody Expression

Combining a gene expression platform and a clonal selection platform, says Catalent, can offer advantages to cell line development, expediting the generation of stable, higher expressing clones.
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Jacobs Wins Contract to Provide Construction Services for WuXi

WuXi Biologics selected Jacobs to provide construction management services to support the development of its new biologics drug substance manufacturing facility located in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. The new facility, modeled on the "Factories...
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Fujifilm Invests in Full-Scale, Fully Integrated Continuous Processing Facility

Fujifilm made an initial $10 million investment to establish a full-scale, fully-integrated continuous processing facility for non-GMP manufacture of biopharmaceuticals at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies in Billingham, U.K., location. Fujifilm officials say their advanced upstream perfusion...

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