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Working in Biopharma Globally

Jeffrey Kemprecos, director of communications, government affairs, and market access at GSK-Gulf, and a biopharmaceutical-industry expert with more than twenty-five years of international experience, talked with Mike May, PhD, about the do’s and don’ts of working with foreign governments on biopharma projects.

Synthego Adopts GMP Standards for Producing sgRNA

Synthego has adopted Good Manufacturing Practice standards for producing customized GMP-grade synthetic guide RNA (sgRNA) at its facilities, an initiative the company said will benefit its academic and industry customers as they develop advanced cell and gene therapies.
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Ensuring the Security of Supply for Brexit

Sam Beale, marketing and communications manager for Purolite® Life Sciences, a manufacturer of resin-based products for the pharmaceutical industry, talked to GEN about their preparations for the U.K. leaving the EU.
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Selecting the Right CMO

Visibility to the client in all activities performed, quick response to questions, and experience in the type of work you are seeking in bioprocess are among the factors to consider.
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Biopharma 4.0 Must Guard against Cyberattacks

Hackers continue to look for vulnerabilities in pharma IT systems. In particular, unprotected bioprocessing technologies are points of attack for hackers. All manufacturing systems with any form of programmable intelligence in them are hackable. Hacks can be direct via network connections or via local, USB, or file injection methods.
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Argonaut Launches Aseptic Drug Product Manufacturing Services

The company's line incorporates technologies designed to maximize yield and minimize risk, in order to safeguard every drop of API. Key line features include robotics, isolator technology, minimal hold up volume, and in-line nondestructive 100% weight checks.
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Cell Therapy Cure for Vaccine Sector Production Ills

Bioindustry experts say that that support and continuing advances in cell and gene therapy production will kick start innovation and novel approaches in vaccine manufacturing. In influenza vaccine production, the egg definitely came first. Right now, and for most flu shot manufacturing firms, eggs are still the standard production mode.
Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasss

Augmented-Reality Glasses Could Aid Manufacturing Quality Control

Sciar Company, which says its product could help manufacturers automatically log product samples and reagents and reduce the risk of errors in manual workflows, reports that the necessary applications for AR and cloud infrastructure for its software are already built but continue to be developed based on customer feedback from pilot studies.
FDA building

Engaging the FDA on Innovation in Biomanufacturing

To reduce complications with newly-emerging methodologies, companies are advised to interact with the FDA to get early feedback even before a drug or product candidate associated with their novel technologies is identified.
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Univercells Designs Novel Drug Manufacturing Technology

Univercells NevoLine delivers upstream, downstream and concentration steps in one platform, allowing for commercial scale manufacturing to be carried out using a benchtop setup, according to the company.

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