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AI Promises to Accelerate Process Characterization

Researchers from Austria say they have performed the first comprehensive study of an artificial-intelligence-aided approach for bioprocess characterization.
The Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy

Debottlenecking Opportunities Clearer with a Bioprocessing 4.0 Perspective

Bottlenecks can be evaluated piecemeal, one at a time. Alternatively, they can be evaluated comprehensively and in real time by making use of data flows from well-placed sensors.
BenchStable DMEM

Cell Culture Media “Goes Green” by Reducing Cold Storage Needs

To limit cold storage, try using cell culture media that can be stored at room temperature. Thermo Fisher’s aptly named BenchStable media can perform as well as media that can’t take the heat.
coronavirus vaccine

Moderna and Catalent Collaborate on COVID-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus deal covers large-scale, commercial fill-finish manufacturing of Moderna’s mRNA-based candidate (mRNA-1273).
pharmaceutical factory worker

Bioprocess 4.0 Approach Will Help Biopharma Achieve Regulators’ Goals

Approach will play role in bridging the gap between science and engineering and let biopharma to meet regulators’ quality requirements.

Digitalized Twin Model of the Workhorse

Diving into how virtual Chinese hamster ovary cells really work in biomanufacturing operations via a genome-scale metabolic model even as many of their metabolic processes remain a mystery.
Pipetting sample into tray for DNA testing

Mitigating Viral Contamination, a Challenge for Emerging Therapies

Industry consortium working with MIT collected years of data to understand the common causes of contamination, corrective measures to be taken, and the impacts of these events.
Cytiva Lab

Cytiva Upgrades Massachusetts CMO Site

Facility now totals 60,000 square feet and has bioprocessing capabilities ranging in scale from 10L to 2000L.
Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept.

New Continuous Freeze-Dry Process for Single Vials

A continuous freeze-drier that moves single-dose vials along a track could help biomanufacturers improve product quality.

Aggregation Analysis

Is the protein-aggregation challenge on the rise in bioprocessing?

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