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Workflow design and data management are pivotal components of cell and gene therapy research and development. Advances in artificial intelligence, informatics, and automation have made it possible to optimize experimental design, automate laboratory workflows, simplify process configurations, manage data, and accelerate analysis in cell and gene therapy research and development. These technological advancements are speeding up research into new therapies and enhancing the precision and reliability of scientific results.

In this GEN webinar, two experts, Prashant Vaidyanathan, PhD, and Rob Brown, PhD, will discuss advancements in configurable lab workflows, AI ChatGPT, and next-generation lab informatics that are enabling novel discoveries in cell and gene therapy. You’ll learn how these tools accelerate workflow as well as data management strategies and compliance principles that facilitate easy access and retrieval of scientifically meaningful data. Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • How AI and lab informatics can optimize experiment design, automate workflows, simplify process configurations, and accelerate data analysis.
  • How improved data management strategies are enabling scientists direct access to large quantities of research data.
  • Advances in analytical tools for use in disease modeling, drug discovery, and biotechnology.

A live Q&A session will followed presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelistS.

Prashant Vaidyanathan, PhD
Prashant Vaidyanathan, PhD
Group Lead for Data Architecture
Oxford Biomedica
Rob Brown, PhD
Rob Brown, PhD
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Sapio Sciences