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Complex mAb Purification: Challenges and Solutions

In this GEN webinar, our expert panelists will discuss key challenges in the purification process of complex mAbs and suggest strategies for mitigating their effects.

Reducing Cost and Risk in Lentiviral Manufacturing with the LV Edge Packaging System

In this GEN webinar, Mark Stockdale from Asimov will discuss the challenges and bottlenecks associated with lentiviral manufacture, and introduce the LV Edge Packaging System, which minimizes GMP plasmid cost, process complexity, and supply chain risk by stably integrating viral genes into the host cell.

Bridging Spatial Genomics and Spatial Proteomics with MaxFuse, a New AI-Powered Algorithm 

In this webinar, Akoya’s Garry Nolan introduces MaxFuse, a novel cross-modal data integration method that overcomes limitations. MaxFuse enables the spatial consolidation of proteomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic information at single-cell resolution opening exciting possibilities for dissecting complex biological processes.

Rare Disease Therapeutics: Accelerating Development and Improving Access

In this GEN webinar, our expert speakers Juan Tan, PhD, Alice Zhang, PhD, and Lin Liu, PhD, will discuss important trends in rare disease therapeutics and highlight ways of accelerating the drug discovery and development process.

Using iPSC-Derived Hepatocyte Models for Disease Modeling and Predictive Toxicology Screening

In this GEN webinar, our speakers Nikolaos Nikolaou and Dominic Williams will present new research into iPSC-derived hepatocyte models, how they compare to liver cancer cells lines, and why they are a better model for large-scale preclinical drug studies.

Neoantigen Identification: A Microfluidics-Assisted Workflow for Fine Needle Biopsies

Broadcast Date: March 7, 2024Time: 8:00 am PT, 11:00 am ET, 17:00 CET Tumor antigens presented by MHC molecules on the cell surface can be recognized by T cells. Identification of these antigens—a field known as immunopeptidomics—has revolutionized the development of cancer immunotherapies. For optimal efficacy, these immunotherapies need to target the specific genomic vulnerabilities of each […]

Aseptic Filling: Reducing Risk and Improving Sterility in GMP Manufacturing

In this GEN webinar, our speakers Andrew Besherwor, Eric Graban, and Áine Brennan will describe best practices and tools that biomanufacturers can adopt to optimize their aseptic filling processes.

Mastering In-Process Attribute Monitoring in Biopharmaceutical Development

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Magnus Wetterhall will describe strategies for implementing in-process protocols for monitoring critical quality attributes that get robust results in biopharmaceutical development. Don’t miss this Waters sponsored event.

Mapping the Invisible: Building the Largest Database of Human Microbiomes

In this GEN webinar, scientists Mathieu Almeida, PhD, and Maike Seifert, PhD, will share their experiences with using microbial metagenomic sequencing to build the world’s largest and most comprehensive human microbiome database.

Improved AAV Capsid Purification via High-Resolution Chromatography

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Aleš Štrancar from Sartorius BIA Separations will discuss various chromatographic methods to consistently separate empty, partial, and full capsids in large-scale AAV manufacturing.

Effective Engineering of Bispecific/Multispecific Antibodies for Biotherapeutics Development

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Jianqing Xu, Head of the Protein Design and Engineering Excellence Center at WuXi Biologics, will discuss tools and strategies for effectively addressing the technical challenges of engineering bispecific and multispecific antibodies.

Microbial Expression Systems Get a Much Needed Upgrade

In TODAY’s GEN webinar, Dr. Nordwald from KBI Biopharma will discuss how the groundbreaking PUREplatform improves microbial therapeutic protein expression. You’ll learn how PUREplatform can transform microbial drug substance production at a fraction of the scales previously needed.

Solutions for In-Process Monitoring of Critical Quality Attributes in Bioprocessing

Improving process understanding allows process engineers to develop manufacturing processes that reduce the potential for batch failure or manufacturing delay. this GEN talk, sponsored by Waters, describes the automation of routine product quality and cell culture media analysis to eliminate human errors with automated sample preparation and data transfer.

CRISPR Cures 2033: Expanding the Public Health Impact of Gene Editing

In this live webinar, sponsored by Aldevron, one of the pioneers of human genome editing—Dr. Fyodor Urnov—will lay out the urgent challenge facing the clinical genome editing community in terms of expanding the public health impact of CRISPR-Cas.

An Automated Imaging Strategy for Characterizing Particles in Biotherapeutic Stability Studies

In this webinar, sponsored by Halo Labs, you’ll learn how Aura+ leverages innovative modern imaging and fluorescence microscopy techniques developed specifically for the life sciences to characterize protein, gene, and cell therapy products in stability studies.

Accelerating mRNA-LNP Medicine Development from Concept to Clinic

In this GEN webinar, three experts will discuss how Precision Nanosystems’ modular microfluidic platform technologies and analytics can help scientists successfully design, develop, test, and scale-up promising mRNA-LNP vaccines and therapeutics from concept to clinic.