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Unlocking Lab Efficiency: The Five Dimensions of Digital Transformation

In TODAY’s GEN webinar, industry experts Jim Brown and Kirsten Gesenberg provide a comprehensive approach to lab digital transformation. During the webinar, you’ll learn how to enhance lab operations with streamlined workflows and improved data management, how to boost overall business performance though increased efficiency and productivity, and how to navigate the digital transformation journey with confidence.

Outsourcing Strategies to Simplify and Accelerate RNA-LNP Development

In TODAY’s GEN webinar, three experts in nanomedicine will share insights into critical aspects of mRNA-LNP formulation, process development, and novel analytical methods that will help shape the future of therapeutics development.

Characterizing AAV Charge Heterogeneity Using High-Resolution icIEF Fractionation with LC-MS Analysis

In this GEN webinar, our speakers Xiaoping Zeng He, PhD, and Chris Heger, PhD, will discuss icIEF technology and its application to protein charge analysis in AAV gene therapy development.

Modeling Clonal Evolution in Hematopoietic Malignancies

In this GEN webinar, Robert Bowman, PhD, from the Perelman School of Medicine will discuss his lab’s approaches for modeling clonal evolution in mouse models of disease.

Strategies for Developing and Manufacturing Bispecific Antibodies and Fusion Proteins

In this GEN webinar, our speakers Xiaoyue Chenn, PhD, and Yifeng Li, PhD, will present WuXi Biologics’ suite of advanced solutions for overcoming obstacles associated with the development and manufacturing of complex biologics.

Endpoints: Considerations for Hit to Lead Selection of a Bispecific Antibody in Oncology

In this GEN webinar, Tavotek Biotherapeutics’ CSO Mark Chiu, PhD, will present a process for selecting an EGFR x cMET bispecific antibody to treat patients with EGFR inhibitor-resistant non-small lung cancer.

Navigating the Organ-on-Chip Landscape: Latest Regulatory Insights and the Path to Widespread Adoption

In this GEN Learning Lab, CN Bio’s CSO Tomasz Kostrzewski, PhD, and toxicology consultant Clive Roper, PhD, will discuss all things OOC, including current applications, the evolving perspective of regulators, and ongoing efforts to harness OOCs’ potential in biomedicine.

Comprehensive LNP Characterization from Cargo to Target Modification Using Nano-Flow Cytometry

In this GEN webinar, Ben Peacock, PhD, will present the NanoAnalyzer platform and describe how it supports multi-parameter analysis and characterization of biological nanoparticles like LNPs.

Addressing mRNA Manufacturing’s Biggest Challenges Using Automation

In this GEN webinar, Patrick Thiaville, PhD, will explore the possibilities and potential impact of automated RNA production standards on the development of targeted treatments such as mRNA therapeutics and vaccines and personalized therapies.

Setting the Standard in Spatial Biology: Deciphering Tumor Characteristics in Kidney Cancer Metastases Using CellScape™

In this GEN webinar, we present results leveraging high-resolution spatial technologies, including NanoString’s Spatial Molecular Imaging and Canopy’s CellScape immunotyping, to identify the unique tumor cell characteristics and corresponding immune microenvironments in matched primary ccRCC/sRCC tumors and metastatic lesions.

Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity with a Continuous Chromatography Process

In this GEN webinar, our speaker, Andrew Wagner, PhD, delves into Just-Evotec Biologics’ strategy for continuous processing.

Introducing Supor Prime Filters: A Filtration Solution for High-Concentration Therapies

In this GEN webinar–the global launch event for Supor Prime filters–you will discover one of the biggest breakthroughs in filter performance for a decade.

The Evolving Landscape of Cell Therapies Beyond CAR-T

In this GEN webinar, our experts will discuss emerging cell therapies other than CAR-T. They share examples from their own work.

Spatial Omics: Improved Therapies for Head and Neck Carcinomas

In this GEN webinar, Quan Nguyen, PhD, and Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz, PhD, will discuss how advances in spatial proteomics and single-cell sequencing are enabling a more personalized approach to treating metastatic recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.

Using Multiplexed Multi-Omics to Study Spatial Heterogeneity in Ovarian Cancer

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Sammy Ferri-Borgogno will present the results of a study that provides insights into the molecular basis of spatial cell heterogeneity in ovarian cancer.