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On the second day of the AACR meeting, Jonathan Grinstein, PhD, senior editor at GEN joined Julianna LeMieux, PhD, GEN’s deputy editor in chief, to chat about how they spent their day. Grinstein describes his excitement surrounding cancer vaccines while LeMieux shares some takeaways from the Expo Hall and spotlight theaters including Revvity and genomics companies such as Canopy Biosciences, Akoya Biosciences, Alamar Biosciences, Singular Genomics, and SomaLogic.

A Video Update from Day Two of the AACR Meeting

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting is off and running in San Diego, California. Julianna LeMieux, PhD, Deputy Editor in Chief and Jonathan Grinstein, PhD, Senior Editor at GEN are on the ground—in the talks, expo hall, and press room, covering as much of the news as they can.
Here, they take a moment to chat about the first day at the meeting, with a focus on the opening plenary session featuring Aviv Regev from Genentech, Jakob Nikolas Kather, from Technical University Dresden, Ben Cravatt, Scripps Research, and Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford University.

AACR 2024: A Video Update from San Diego

April 2024 GEN cover

In the biosciences, some advances can’t help but catch our eyes—and our imaginations. Take the emergence of super-resolution microscopy technology, the subject of this month’s cover story. Because the new technology allows us to pinpoint and track individual molecules in living cells, it amazes us almost as much as the earliest microscopes must have amazed van Leeuwenhoek once he used them to glimpse unsuspected “animalcules.” But let’s remember that the excitement of seeing new worlds isn’t limited to microscopists, or everyday scientists who now have access to user-friendly super-resolution platforms. As this issue of GEN demonstrates, new worlds are being revealed by other technologies. For example, organoid models, AI platforms, and epigenetic technologies are delivering drug development insights, and platform processes are showing how to streamline the manufacture of AAV gene therapies. Finally, as this month’s A-List details, NGS companies are introducing tools to widen genomics (and multiomics) explorations.