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Expediting Antibody Discovery and Characterization with Flow Cytometry

This eBook, sponsored by Sartorius, highlights some of the most recent advancements in the field of antibody discovery, covering a range of methods of antibody characterization and the novel modalities produced.
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Next-Gen BLI Technology Accelerating Antibody Discovery

This e-Book, sponsored by Gator Bio, explores advances in biosensor technology and instrumentation that can significantly accelerate antibody discovery through efficient quantitation, kinetics, and epitope binning.

Maximizing Laboratory Efficiency and Output with Microfluidics-Based PCR

In this eBook, sponsored by Standard BioTools, we examine challenges and solutions in PCR and real-time PCR assay design and highlight the expanding use of microfluidics-based PCR.
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How to Develop a Scalable AAV Process, from Start to Finish

In this eBook we present highlights from a process that has been developed – and continues to be refined – with help from nearly two dozen Cytiva scientists. We frame these highlights around common challenges we hear from those who are developing and producing AAV.
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Critical Biospecimens 2023 Edition

In this eBook, sponsored by Precision for Medicine, we present leading-edge developments in biobanking—from a novel means of measuring biomolecule stability to innovative sample tracking and measurement solutions—advances that should help researchers optimize biospecimen usage as research and development programs progress.
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Single-Cell Advances in Functional Immune Monitoring for Developing Immune Therapies and Uncovering Disease Pathogenesis

GEN spoke to three thought leaders working on immune therapies to hear their views and strategies on using single-cell functional proteomics in their quest to treat some of the world’s most devastating diseases. Read this IsoPlexis sponsored Roundtable now!
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From Capture to Discovery: Using Data to Drive Research & Generate Outcomes

This eBook's collection of articles highlight the role of data in life sciences, some of the workloads that are creating this influx of data, and the importance of data management. Read this Dell Technologies and Nvidia sponsored eBook now.
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Making the Promise of mRNA a Reality: Overcoming Scale-Up Challenges

This eBook shows how to approach the daunting landscape of scaling up in vitro transcription. It also emphasizes that the mRNA journey is actually an expedition—an undertaking that demands teamwork. The scale-up of mRNA production occurs more reliably and efficiently if developers have good relationships with suppliers and technical specialists.
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Single-Use Technologies

Fueled by the improved performance of SUTs, Single Use Support is committed to preventing future bottlenecks for single-use systems. Our slogan, “Pioneering Biopharma,” is manifested in our corporate DNA, and that sentiment will drive us to help advance the pharmaceutical industry. Read our eBook now!

Sequencing Assays for Biomarker Discovery and Pharmacodynamics in Oncology Studies

In this eBook, sponsored by Frontage, we navigate the landscape of biomarker discovery through genomic profiling, exploring technologies, methods, and applications. We hope this collection of articles creates an appreciation for the wide scope of using sequencing assays for biomarker discovery, drug development, and beyond.