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Anniversaries are opportune times to look back at struggles and triumphs, and also to look forward to, well, more struggles and triumphs. The important thing is to stay in the game. And here at GEN, we’ve been in the game for 40 years, for as long as the word “biotechnology” has been on people’s lips. To help us mark the occasion, we’ve invited industry-leading scientists to discuss subjects both enduring and timely. For example, biotech legend Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, draws on his experiences to offer sage advice about realizing scientific and practical breakthroughs. He insists on the value of thinking systemically, working collaboratively, and embracing change. We try, in our own modest way, to engage in these practices and to encourage them in others. Just look at any of our issues—but especially the current issue, which not only includes articles on a range of exciting technologies, but also a thoughtful editorial contributed by GEN’s originator and publisher, Mary Ann Liebert. Besides looking back with pride on GEN’s contributions, she comments on current challenges and anticipates future achievements. “GEN will continue,” she writes, “to identify … what you need to know and whom you need to know about.”

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