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2-Part Webinar Series

Technologies for analyzing proteome, metabolome, transcriptome, and epigenome data at both spatial and single-cell levels have come a long way. Taken together, these methods provide a holistic view of biological processes and systems and reveal potential therapeutic targets. However, combining and integrating data from these diverse modalities and platforms presents a significant challenge. 

In this two-part GEN webinar series, our expert speakers Garry Nolan, PhD, (Part 1) will discuss MaxFuse, a new AI algorithm that provides reliable, fast, and cost-effective integration of spatial proteomic data with single-cell transcriptomic and epigenomic datasets. In part two, hear from Aaron Mayor, PhD, to learn all about the Enable CloudPlatform from Enable Medicine, and how MaxFuse leverages it to facilitate robust data generation to accelerate discovery and make progress towards clinical applications.

Webinar Part 2

While recent advances in high-parameter spatial biology have contributed to a dramatic increase in volume and diversity of biological data, deriving actionable insights from these datasets remains a challenge due to a lack of accessible computational tools. In this webinar, Enable Medicine’s Alex Trevino, PhD, discusses how AI-powered algorithms within the Enable platform facilitate comprehensive data storage, annotation, analysis, and search.

Built on industry-leading generative AI and scientific expertise, Enable’s integrated data-to-insights platform helps scientists activate their biological data to power the next generation of life-saving diagnostics and therapeutics. With the Enable platform, access and map a vast array of structured biological data, and leverage cutting edge analysis and search to answer critical questions, from patient stratification to indication selection.

A live Q&A session will follow the presentation, offering you a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Alex Trevino
Alex Trevino, PhD
Enable Medicine