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Transferring Viral Vector Production from Plasticware to a Fixed-Bed Bioreactor

Gene and modified cell therapies (for example, chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies) in early to late clinical development are showing significant promise to treat and potentially cure many diseases. A few of these...

Single-Use Bioprocessing Continues to Go Global

To no one’s surprise the global market for single-use bioprocessing (SUB) continues to grow. This observation has been confirmed by Allied Market Research. The firm issued a report indicating the SUB market, which was...
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Overview of Scale-Down Screening Models for Cell Culture

Scale-down models need to exactly mimic the critical process parameter to be studied and optimized. Considering this, there are probably still some gaps with regards to scale-down solutions in upstream and downstream process development, particularly for continuous applications. The most accurate models use miniature bioreactors because these do a good job of replicating results seen in benchtop instruments.

Bayer HealthCare to Build $100M Testing Facility

New facility within Berkeley, CA, manufacturing site designed to support new treatments for hemophilia A.

Thermo Fisher to Acquire Brammer Bio for $1.7B, Expanding Gene Therapy Presence

Thermo Fisher Scientific has agreed to acquire Brammer Bio for $1.7 billion cash, the companies said, in a deal designed to increase the buyer’s presence in gene therapy with the viral vector contract development...

Amicus, Thermo Fisher’s Brammer Bio Partner on Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Amicus Therapeutics will address clinical and commercial supply needs for its intrathecal AAV Batten disease gene therapy programs by partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s recently-acquired Brammer Bio.
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The Rebel Accelerates Process-Development Cycles and Maximizes Bioreactor Utilization

908 Devices benchtop analyzer allows biopharma researchers to accelerate process-development cycles and maximize their bioreactor utilization by running media analysis at-line, anytime.

MorphoSys Expands Deal Leveraging Wacker’s Bacterial Secretion Technology

Firm will now be able to use Esetec, which comprises a specific E. coli strain developed by Wacker, to produce antigen material.

CellMed to Leverage Scarab Genomics’ Clean Genome E. coli Technology

Part of bacteria’s genome is removed, with the goal of enhancing its use in the production of new therapeutics.

Lonza Expands in Mammalian Manufacturing with Purchase of California Site

Lonza has further expanded its growing presence in mammalian manufacturing by acquiring a clinical-stage site in Hayward, CA, from Shire for an undisclosed price

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