How Biotechs Are Plugging AI into Drug Discovery Problems

Episode 18 (April 19, 2024): Biology’s exploding data streams continue to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools to streamline drug development. How do we define AI in drug discovery? Who are notable players in the space? How do humans fit into these growing computational pipelines?

This week, Jonathan Grinstein, PhD (Senior Editor, GEN) and Fay Lin, PhD (Senior Editor, GEN Biotechnology) unpack one of the fastest growing topics in the biotech field, AI in drug discovery.

Listed below are key references to the GEN stories, media, and other items discussed in this episode of Touching Base:

The Difference Is the Data: Drug Discovery’s AI Revolution
By Fay Lin, PhD, GEN Biotechnology, April 18, 2024

Archimedes’ Box: Diagonal Therapeutics Raises $128 Million to Discover Agonist Antibodies
By Jonathan Grinstein, PhD, GEN Edge, April 3, 2024

Generate:Biomedicines Raises Largest Biotech Series C of 2023
By Jonathan Grinstein, PhD, GEN Edge, September 14, 2023

Alex Zhavoronkov Aims to Take Over the Drug Development World with AI
By Jonathan Grinstein, PhD, GEN Edge, June 20, 2023