Wacker Biotech US, a San Diego-based subsidiary of Wacker Chemie, reports that it is expanding its mRNA and protein production. As a CDMO, the company offers several fermentation lines with a capacity of up to 650 L fermentation and subsequent downstream processing steps.

Wacker Biotech US is now creating additional development and production capacities in the field of advanced therapy medicinal products to offer to the U.S. market. By putting new laboratories into operation, Wacker Biotech US is expanding its bioprocess development capabilities for pDNA, mRNA, and recombinant proteins to support research and preclinical development. This service also complements the nucleic acid expertise of this site, according to Wacker officials.

“We have strong local expertise in the production of pharmaceutical proteins and benefit from the many years of experience of the global Wacker Biotech team, noted Philippe Cronet, PhD, general manager of Wacker Biotech US. “Our site is ideally located in one of the most important biotech hubs, allowing us to serve the local and broader USA market but also worldwide.”

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