Mission Bio Raises $30M, Plans for Expansion into Gene Editing, Further Tapestri Platform Development

Mission Bio has completed a $30 million Series B financing, saying it plans to use the proceeds toward expanding and further developing its single-cell...

Orchard Therapeutics to Build Out Gene Therapy Manufacturing Site in Fremont, CA

Orchard Therapeutics said it will build out a gene therapy manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA, that will employ 100 people and increase its manufacturing...

New Genes Linked to Epilepsy May Open Doors to Novel Therapies

An international team of researchers, including scientists at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), has discovered 11 new genes associated with epilepsy....

The Untold CRISPR Story

COMMENTARY The recent shocking reports about a human genome editing experiment have led to increased murmurings about the potential pitfalls of improved access to molecular...
GEN December 2018 Sticky Ends

Short Stories to Peruse—With Info You Might Use…

Short stories on the speed gene, small genomes, and nanostraws.

Editas Wins FDA Approval for IND of CRISPR Treatment for LCA10

Editas Medicine said today it has won FDA approval of its IND application for its Leber Congenital Amaurosis type 10 (LCA10) candidate EDIT-101, enabling...

Bioluminescent Torch Passed from Glowing to Dim Fungi

A set of bioluminescence genes has been transferred from one eukaryote, a glowing fungus called Neonothopanus nambi, to another eukaryote, a non-glowing fungus called...
Human Genome Editing summit closing statement.

Human Genome Editing Committee Urges Halt in Germline Editing Trials

HONG KONG—The Day After. Two hundred and sixty accredited reporters had dwindled to about a dozen. A conference livestream that peaked at 1.8 million...
He Jiankui taking questions

Under Fire, He Jiankui Defends Germline Editing Study

He came, He saw, but He was widely condemned as he tried to defend his controversial genome editing study, which has resulted in the...

Method Predicts Exact Mutations CRISPR Gene Editing Can Introduce into a Cell

Wellcome Sanger Institute scientists developed a technique to predict the exact mutations CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing can introduce to a cell. The team edited 40,000 different pieces of DNA and analyzed a thousand million resulting DNA sequences to reveal the effects of the gene editing and develop a machine learning predictive tool of the outcomes.

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