Base Editing Drug Developer Beam Therapeutics Raises $135M in Series B Financing

Beam Therapeutics, the company launched last year by gene editing pioneers to develop treatments through base editing, said today it completed a $135 million...

Phage Therapy: Turning the Tables on Bacteria

CRISPR is a double-edged sword. It evolved to help bacteria slay phages. But CRISPR components can also be engineered into phages, arming them against bacteria. Consequently, phage therapy says, “En garde!”

Biogen Replenishes Eye Disease Gene Therapy Pipeline with Planned $877M Nightstar Acquisition

Biogen has agreed to acquire Nightstar Therapeutics for approximately $877 million, the companies said today, in a deal that replenishes the buyer’s ophthalmology drug...

RNA-Editing Plant Proteins Take Root in Bacteria

In the mitochondria and chloroplasts of plants, a roundabout correction mechanism leaves DNA errors alone, but busily weeds away the corresponding errors in RNA...

Sarepta to Acquire Myonexus for $165M, Broadening Muscular Dystrophy Gene Therapy Pipeline

Sarepta Therapeutics said today it plans to acquire Myonexus Therapeutics for $165 million, exercising a purchase option under a gene therapy collaboration launched by...

Roche Expands into Gene Therapy with Planned $4.8B Acquisition of Spark Therapeutics

Roche has agreed to acquire Spark Therapeutics for $4.8 billion cash, Spark said today, in a deal designed to expand the biopharma giant into...

AbbVie, Voyager Launch $1.5B+ Gene Therapy Collaboration Aimed at Parkinson’s, Other Synucleinopathies

AbbVie and Voyager Therapeutics said today they will launch a potentially $1.5 billion-plus gene therapy collaboration—the companies’ second billion-dollar-plus alliance in as many years,...
Child with hearing aid

Gene Therapy Restores Congenital Deafness

Gene therapy was used to restore hearing in adult mice with DFNB9 deafness. It also prevented hearing loss when administered to the developing cochlea in young mice and reversed deafness in adult DFNB9 mice.

MilliporeSigma to Be Awarded First U.S. CRISPR Patent

MilliporeSigma said today its first CRISPR-related patent will be awarded in the U.S., as a result of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issuing...

Wilson among Co-Founders of Gene Therapy Developer Launched with $115.5M

A developer of gene therapies for rare monogenic CNS diseases—whose co-founders include pioneer researcher James M. Wilson, MD, PhD—has launched with $115.5 million in...

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