BioSolution Designs (BSD) reported that it is collaborating with RoosterBio to simplify the development and manufacturing of engineered human mesenchymal stem/stromal cell- (MSC) derived therapies.

The partnership leverages BSD’s multigenic design and assembly platform, Bird of Prey, and cell engineering expertise along with RoosterBio’s MSC and exosome bioprocessing products, manufacturing protocols, and analytical services, according to Thomas D. Reed, PhD, CEO of BSD, with the goal of delivering an end-to-end solution for the engineering and development of cell- and exosome-based therapeutics.

“Mesenchymal stem cells represent a major untapped resource with broad therapeutic utility, from regenerative medicine to treating rare diseases. Understanding all too well that ‘The Product is the Process,’ we are thrilled to collaborate with RoosterBio, whose raison d’etre revolves around controlling all aspects of scalable cGMP manufacturing and characterization of human MSCs and MSC-derived exosomes,” said Reed.

“This partnership will not only benefit our internal therapeutic initiatives but will provide a seamless transition for BSD’s OspreyBio customers to send multigenic therapeutic candidates to RoosterBio for efficient manufacturing.”

“By combining Biosolution Designs’ innovative multigenic technologies with our well-established cell therapy products and scalable bioprocess manufacturing platforms, we will accelerate the clinical progression of the next generation of cell and exosome therapeutics,” added Tim Kelly, CEO of RoosterBio.

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