A Winning Combination: Genomics and Deep Phenotyping for Accelerated Drug Discovery

WuXi NextCODE has the resources and expertise to create well-designed clinical omics datasets, and advanced analytics built on multiomic and phenotypic data. This is just the right recipe for accelerating drug discovery and development.

Antiviral Drug Discovery Reinvented

German BioMed X Institute launches Rapid Antiviral Response Platform to prevent future pandemics.

Applikon Biotechnology: Joins the Race to Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine

Since the beginning of March, Applikon Biotechnology has been working with the Laboratory of Virology and the Bioprocess Engineering Group of Wageningen University on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, based on mimicking the virus’s “spike protein.

AstraZeneca, Accent Launch up to $1.1B+ Cancer Collaboration Targeting RNA-Modifying Proteins

By targeting proteins that modify RNA, Accent reasons, it can effectively apply the proven approach of enzyme-directed small molecule therapies to a new class of enzymes with the ability to impact RNA pathobiology.

Antibiotic Compound Kills Gram-Negative Pathogens and Resists Resistance

A team of Princeton researchers identified a compound, designated SCH-79797, that kills both Gram-positive and Gram-negative by simultaneously targeting bacterial folate metabolism and membrane integrity. When tested in vivo, the compound was found to be more effective than a combination of existing treatments. In vivo tests showed that a more potent derivative of SCH-79797, called Irresistin-16, was effective against Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Cytiva and Entos Collaborate on COVID-19 Vaccine Development

Cytiva is collaborating with Entos Pharmaceuticals to optimize a clinical manufacturing solution for the company’s Covigenix COVID-19 DNA vaccine candidate.

Hybrid “Mini-Insulin” Combines Rapid Action of Cone Snail Venom with Potency...

An international research team headed by scientists at the University of Utah Health has developed what is claimed to be the smallest, fully functional version of insulin. The monomeric insulin analog is based on a fast-acting venom insulin produced by fish-hunting predatory cone snails, but also displays the full potency of human insulin.

Engineered Bacteria Demonstrate Antitumor Activity in Mice

Synlogic’s living medicine candidate, SYNB1891, has been shown to demonstrate antitumor activity and generation of immunological memory in mouse models of cancer. The engineered nonpathogenic E. coli strain is currently being evaluated in a Phase I clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors or lymphoma, with results expected to be released later this year.

Cancer Immunotherapy Study Identifies New Checkpoint Targets in Myeloid Cells

c-Rel, a risk factor for tumorigenesis, plays an essential role in generating suppressive myeloid cells that promote cancer. Studies with human cells and animal models indicated that combination therapy that blocked both c-Rel and the lymphoid checkpoint protein programmed cell death protein 1 was more effective in treating cancer than blocking either alone. Blocking c-Rel represents a new strategy in cancer immunotherapy.

Kicking Up an Immune System Storm: COVID-19 and Hyper-Inflammation

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by R&D Systems, we will learn about the cellular and systemic conditions that regulate the hyper-inflammatory condition known as cytokine storm syndrome (CSS). This disorder has seen renewed interest, as it has been associated with a number of SARS-CoV-2 infections, an area that will also be discussed.

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