LGLS Licenses Novavax’ VLP Technology to Develop Flu Vaccines for South Korea and Other...

Firm will build VLP vaccine manufacturing plant and will also develop flu vaccines for other emerging markets.

Five Life Sciences Researchers Win Breakthrough Prizes Totaling $15M

Five life sciences researchers have been honored as winners of the 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, which honors “transformative” advances toward understanding living systems and extending human life.

CSL Behring Plans $450M Expansion of Illinois, Australia Sites

Projects will add capacity to produce plasma intermediates in Kankakee, IL, site, and albumin in Melbourne

Ring in the New: Rady Children’s Hospital Introduces NovaSeq for Newborn Diagnoses

In a talk at the ASHG annual conference, Stephen Kingsmore presented his vision for enhancing and expediting the pipeline.

Human Protein Engineered to Capture Circulating Tumor Cells

Human blood protein that was engineered to capture CTCs may be used as a cancer diagnostic.
Flexsafe is based on a multilayer

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Introduces Novel Single-Use Bag Family

Sartorius' Flexsafe family allows single-use bioprocessing over the entire range of drug manufacture, from process development to production.

Telesta Cutting Jobs, Selling Manufacturing Sites as MCNA Hopes Fade

After Type A meeting with FDA, company ends rights agreement with Ipsen, concludes no partners "in any region of the world" can be found for MCNA short-term
GE Healthcare's "factory-in-a-box.

Factory in a Box Launched for Production of Viral Vector–Based Therapeutics

Factory in a box products include vaccines, oncolytic viruses, and gene and cell therapies.
Cardiovascular disease is alleviated by an engineered protein

Stroke, Heart Attack Damage Could Be Mitigated via Mimicry of Good Cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease is alleviated by an engineered protein, a stable version of a chaperone protein found in good cholesterol, that helps suppress inflammation, lower blood pressure, and reverse tissue damage in mouse models

Lonza to Leverage IDBS’ Data Management and Execution Solution

Bioprocess Execution System will will allow storing of data in context and more efficient sharing between groups.

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