The left-side group of mice is a control—with neither the gene-editing RNA nor the BOC switch. The next group has BOC but no RNA

Biological Switch May Offer Better Control of Gene Editing

Team invents biological switch that turns protein expression on at will

Orchid’s API and R&D Facilities in India Purchased

Hospira is buying an FDA-approved API manufacturing facility and associated R&D facility from Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, for about $200 million.

CSL Behring Plans $450M Expansion of Illinois, Australia Sites

Projects will add capacity to produce plasma intermediates in Kankakee, IL, site, and albumin in Melbourne
According to Lotta Ljungqvist

GE Healthcare, Swedish Government Open an Innovation Center in Uppsala

Testa Center focuses on advancing manufacturing capabilities and the commercialization of new technologies in life sciences, aligning with Sweden's goals of strengthening its capacity for innovation and thus its economic competitiveness.
Cardiovascular disease is alleviated by an engineered protein

Stroke, Heart Attack Damage Could Be Mitigated via Mimicry of Good Cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease is alleviated by an engineered protein, a stable version of a chaperone protein found in good cholesterol, that helps suppress inflammation, lower blood pressure, and reverse tissue damage in mouse models

Telesta Cutting Jobs, Selling Manufacturing Sites as MCNA Hopes Fade

After Type A meeting with FDA, company ends rights agreement with Ipsen, concludes no partners "in any region of the world" can be found for MCNA short-term

Scientists Uncover Mdm2’s Role in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Study in JCI observed that TGF-beta-1 increased expression of the protein, which decreased p53 activity.
Flexsafe is based on a multilayer

Sartorius Stedim Biotech Introduces Novel Single-Use Bag Family

Sartorius' Flexsafe family allows single-use bioprocessing over the entire range of drug manufacture, from process development to production.

Novavax to Use Vivalis’ Duck Embryonic Stem Cell Line for Vaccine Production

Firm is developing VLP-based vaccines. Vivalis has granted Novavax the right to use its EB66® cell line for the production of VLP-based vaccines against several new potential viruses. The EB66 cell line is derived from...
Companies obtain sublicenses to patents in the fields of noninvasive sensing and automated asceptic solution transfer. [Andrei Merkulov -]

Sartorius Stedim and GE Healthcare Cross-License Biomanufacturing IP

Companies obtain sublicenses to patents in the fields of non-invasive sensing and automated ascepti solution transfer.

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