Lonza to Carry Out Process Development for Immutep’s Lead Cancer Immunotherapy

IMP321, a LAG-31g fusion protein, completed Phase I/II study in breast cancer.

DSM Wins Manufacturing Contract for PolyTherics’ PEGylated IFN Alpha-2a Candidate

Firm claims HiPEG interferon demonstrates eight-fold higher activity than marketed product.
filtration workflow

Filtration Focuses on Capacity and Concentration Pain Points

A therapeutic protein or monoclonal antibody (mAb) can be turned into an effective therapy and a revenue-generating product only if it can be efficiently filtered from the process stream. If a product is inefficiently...

Velesco to Manufacture Rubicon’s TransPLEX Amplification Kits for Supply to Agendia

Kits will be incorporated into analysis of FFPE patient samples using Symphony breast cancer diagnostics.
Comparing the new surface for cell production with the glass disc producing the same amount of cells as 14 traditional flasks. [Newcastle University]

Team Describes Major Advance in Continuous Production of Stromal Cells

Source: Newcastle University Researchers at Newcastle University report a significant advance in the continuous production and collection of cells. The process removes the limit on the number of cells that can be grown in a culture dish, which...

Lilly, Agila Team Up to Market Branded Generic Cancer Drugs

Lilly will in-license 10 branded generic injectable and oral cancer medicines from Agila.
Source: David Jones

Plastic: An Acquired Taste, Even If You’re an Aromatic Polyesterase

Protein engineering work improves a naturally occurring enzyme's ability to degrade polyethylene terephthalate (PET), one of the most abundantly produced synthetic polymers

Edimer Signs On CMC Biologics to Produce Recombinant Protein for Clinical Trials

EDI200 is being investigated as a treatment for X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

Kalobios Chooses BioWa and Lonza’s Potelligent CHOK1SV Cell Line

Firm will use the cell line to produce Humaneered recombinant antibody therapeutics.

Medarex Taps Lonza for Biomanufacturing

Pact includes production of antibodies and antibody drug conjugates. Lonza can produce ADCs in milligram to multiple kilogram quantities.

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