ABL and MicroTest Separately Announce Contract Manufacturing Deals

ABL will carry out cGMP production of rhFSH for Trophogen, while Microtest will manufacture ImmusanT’s celiac disease vaccine.
Scientists Working in the Laboratory

Keeping IgG2s Apart

Aggregation reduces the use of these antibodies, but one company seeks to change that.

Nanotechnology Tool Allows Detailed Study of Proteins in Living Cells

Researchers use nanoprobe device to measure how anesthetic affects levels of Alzheimer-associated proteins

Sanofi Pasteur to Evaluate Leukocare’s Stabilization Technology for Vaccines

SPS platform is designed to increase shelf-life and protect against sterilization by irradiation or ethylene oxide.

China Medical and Leica to Develop Automated FISH Kits for Leica Bond System

Her-2, EGFR, and TOP2A tissue sample tests will be marketed in China by CMED.

Fraunhofer CMB and iBioPharma Pocket $12M for Accelerated Manufacture of Vaccines

DARPA funding will evaluate the ability to produce three million doses in 12 weeks. DARPA awarded $12 million to Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology (CMB) and iBioPharma to accelerate pharmaceutical manufacture. The goal is...

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Licenses Mammalian Cell-Line Knowhow from Promosome

GE Healthcare nabbed the rights to a suite of mammalian cell-line development technologies developed by Promosome for increasing protein expression in mammalian cell culture.
Tychan lab team

Decreasing the Time from Antibody Idea to IND Approval

Tychan, a Singapore-based biotech company, focuses on faster development.

VGXI to Manufacture GMP IL-12 Plasmid for OncoSec’s ElectroImmunotherapy Trials

Electroporation-based cytokine gene therapy is currently in Phase II development against skin cancer.

Alga Provides Feasible Mass Production System for Subunit Malaria Vaccine Candidate

Mice injected with recombinant Pfs25 protein generate parasite transmission-blocking antibodies.

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