Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing Opens

The Jefferson Institue for Bioprocessing is the first and only North American training institute in collaboration with the Dublin, Ireland-based National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), utilizing the GE Healthcare FlexFactory.

Video Game Challenges Citizen Scientists to Become Protein Designers

Citizen scientists may participate in de novo protein design by playing the video game Foldit, which puts the implicit knowledge of biochemical experts into the hands of players, who are then able to exercise their own creativity and intuition. Gamers may design structures that lead to novel applications in medicine, such as vaccines and biologic drugs, as well as in other fields.

Continuous Processing Requires a Rethink of Viral Strategies

Viral safety as we know it is batchy, and hence patchy, but it needs to transition to continuous operations, which means that in viral clearance studies, the goal is seamlessness.

Single-Use Technology: Enjoy the Upsides, Handle the Downsides

When new technologies are deployed, there’s always a fly in the ointment. In the case of single-use technology, extractables and leachables must be swatted away.
virus filtration system

Expanding the Scope of Single-Use Technologies

Disposables are replacing fixed components upstream and downstream, from bioreactors to filtration assemblies to bulk filling systems to cold-chain-friendly storage bags.

Single-Use Bioprocessing Continues to Go Global

To no one’s surprise the global market for single-use bioprocessing (SUB) continues to grow. This observation has been confirmed by Allied Market Research. The firm issued a report indicating the SUB market, which was...
ContiVir research project

Biopharma Keeps Shifting the Steel–Plastic Balance

Single-use has long facilitated the manufacture of biologics and biosimilars. Going forward, it may prove essential to the manufacture of cell and gene therapies.
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The Move toward Biopharma 4.0

Insilico Biotechnology describes its Digital Twins technology, which combines mechanistic modeling and AI to optimize bioprocesses and realize the “factory of the future.”
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MilliporeSigma Introduces “Take the Right Path” Upstream Campaign

Young and emerging biotechnology companies rarely have enough background in biomanufacturing operations and clinical experience to get their products to the markets in an economic and efficient manner. Many turn to contract development and...

Rising to the Challenge of Intensifying Bioprocesses

Bioprocessing is a massive undertaking, and the industry is always on the lookout for more ways to trim the fat and streamline manufacturing processes. This bioprocess intensification can improve efficiency, reduce costs and reagent usage, and even improve final product quality. But how intense is too intense?

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