Endpoints: Considerations for Hit to Lead Selection of a Bispecific Antibody in Oncology

In this GEN webinar, Mark Chiu, PhD, will present a process for selecting an EGFR x cMET bispecific antibody to treat patients with EGFR inhibitor-resistant non-small lung cancer.

Addressing mRNA Manufacturing’s Biggest Challenges Using Automation

In this GEN webinar, Patrick Thiaville, PhD, will explore the possibilities and potential impact of automated RNA production standards on the development of targeted treatments such as mRNA therapeutics and vaccines and personalized therapies.

Introducing Supor Prime Filters: A Filtration Solution for High-Concentration Therapies

In this GEN webinar--the global launch event for Supor Prime filters--you will discover one of the biggest breakthroughs in filter performance for a decade.

Setting the Standard in Spatial Biology: Deciphering Tumor Characteristics in Kidney Cancer Metastases Using CellScape™

In this GEN webinar, we present results leveraging high-resolution spatial technologies, including NanoString’s Spatial Molecular Imaging and Canopy’s CellScape immunotyping, to identify the unique tumor cell characteristics and corresponding immune microenvironments in matched primary ccRCC/sRCC tumors and metastatic lesions.

The Evolving Landscape of Cell Therapies Beyond CAR-T

In TOMORROW's GEN webinar, our experts will discuss emerging cell therapies other than CAR-T. They share examples from their own work.

Outsourcing Strategies to Simplify and Accelerate RNA-LNP Development

In TODAY's GEN webinar, three experts in nanomedicine will share insights into critical aspects of mRNA-LNP formulation, process development, and novel analytical methods that will help shape the future of therapeutics development.

Spatial Omics: Improved Therapies for Head and Neck Carcinomas

In this GEN webinar, Quan Nguyen, PhD, and Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz, PhD, will discuss how advances in spatial proteomics and single-cell sequencing are enabling a more personalized approach to treating metastatic recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.

Accelerating ADC Discovery and Development with Novel Payload-Linker and Conjugation Technologies

In this GEN webinar Jiawei Lu, PhD, Head of Bioconjugation Discovery Service at WuXiXDC, will discuss strategies for accelerating ADC discovery and development using novel payload linkers and conjugation technologies.

Unveiling the Potential of Digital Intelligence to Empower Pharmaceutical Companies

In this GEN webinar, Storyful CEO Maria Pacheco will showcase several real-time examples that illustrate how access to digital intelligence can be timely, impactful, and agile for marketing communications strategy or PR in the pharmaceutical industry.

Strategies for Determining Critical Quality Attributes of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics and Their Carriers

In this GEN webinar, our expert speaker Oliver Höcker, PhD, will discuss the advantages and limitations of current analytical techniques for determining the CQAs of NA therapeutics using examples from different NA classes.

Using Multiplexed Multi-Omics to Study Spatial Heterogeneity in Ovarian Cancer

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Sammy Ferri-Borgogno will present the results of a study that provides insights into the molecular basis of spatial cell heterogeneity in ovarian cancer.

Endpoints: Critical Preclinical Markers in Neurodegeneration Disease Assays

In this GEN webinar, our speaker John Renger, PhD, CSO at Cerevel Therapeutics, discusses preclinical markers used in assays relevant to neurodegenerative disease processes, including the evaluation of autophagy and mitophagy using methods such as immunohistochemistry, western blotting, ELISA-like assays, high content analysis, and other platforms.

Biologics Drug Development Gets an Upgrade with Humanized Animal Models

In this GEN webinar, Aaron Rose, PhD, explores how biological therapeutics are reshaping the traditional drug development process and why humanized models are essential for advancing biologics programs.

Customized mRNA Processing for Improved Therapy Development and Manufacturing

In this GEN webinar, Scott Alderucci will discuss ways of leveraging new technologies and experimental design for an optimized, tailored approach to mRNA therapy development.

Fireside Chat: Post-AACR Spatial Biology Trends & Decoding Cancer Insights

Join this keynote discussion on the latest advancements, new norms, emerging trends and breakthrough topics from AACR by our expert panelists, offering clarity on the current landscape, with a deep dive into the latest advancements on how spatial biology is shaping precision medicine and cancer research. Hear expert perspectives on how the global research community has united in an unprecedented collaboration.

Rapid Clone Screening of Biosimilar Candidates Using Microfluidic CE-MS

In THIs GEN webinar, our expert speakers, Erin Redman, PhD, and Ruben Cageling, will describe how the ZipChip microfluidic CE-MS technology enables rapid early-stage clone screening for biotherapeutics development.