FX Calculus Problem Solver

apple.co/2WsmDyHFXCalculus screenshot

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Full solutions provided for both preloaded and user-added equations

Week Points: None

Platform: iPad/iPhone, Android

Cost: Free

FX Calculus Problem Solver is a great app if you have found yourself needing to solve a differential equation on the go or just need to brush up on your calculus knowledge. The app comes with a number of preloaded equations that users can solve, each related to a different calculus topic. Each problem comes with the final answer and with a detailed description of how to get the solution. In addition to the preloaded problems, users can also input a problem of their own and the app will solve it, again providing a full description of the solution. FX Calculus Problem Solver is an excellent app for students struggling in calculus class or for those who need to solve an equation but can’t quite remember what to do with an integral.