Sandpiper Gene Search screenshot

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to search using gene name, symbol, or keywords

Week Points: Limited functionality beyond searching

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: $3.99

Sandpiper Gene Search makes it easy to find information about genes of interest from the convenience of your phone. Users can search for genes by gene symbol, aliases, or keywords. Each gene page provides a wealth of information about the gene’s family, chromosomal location, and additional symbols and aliases used to refer to the gene. The app also includes information about previous symbols used for the genes, ensuring that users can find the information they need even if the symbol for which they’re searching isn’t up-to-date. Additionally, there is a detailed summary included about the gene’s known functions. The app also allows users to take notes on particular genes and export them into an email. Sandpiper Gene Search is a great tool for searching for genes of interest even when you’re on the go.