Taconic and Medicyte inked a marketing and sales agreement through which Taconic will promote and sell human primary upcyte® hepatocyte cell strains and corresponding media developed by Medicyte for in vitro applications. The firms say the agreement strengthens Taconic’s tADMET™ portfolio of models and provides Medicyte broader distribution of its products as well as increased market visibility and entrance into new markets for its hepatocyte cell strains.

The Taconic tADMET portfolio is a collection of genetically and tissue humanized mouse models, as well as in vitro tools and services that aim to improve the predictability of drug responses in humans. Taconic says that Medicyte’s products and services will enhance its tADMET portfolio and that it will provide access to that portfolio through its combined marketing of predictive in vivo models and upcyte hepatocytes.

“The combination of the Medicyte and Taconic portfolios represents a perfect match to offer researchers a complete package for in vitro and in vivo studies,” said Joris Braspenning, Ph.D., managing director of Medicyte, in a statement.

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