DNA Day is approaching on April 25th. To celebrate, we are highlighting this conversation that took place during The State of Genomics & NGS Summit this past February. In it, GEN’s John Sterling and Julianna LeMieux, PhD, sat down with Matthew Cobb, PhD, professor of zoology at the University of Manchester, U.K.

Cobb is not only an expert in olfaction in maggots, but he is also a scholar of the early history of molecular biology, and has written multiple books on the topic. Here, he talks to GEN about the discovery of the double helix, the legacy of Francis Crick, the role that Rosalind Franklin played in the process, and his most recent book, As Gods, which looks to the future—and the potential perils—of genetic engineering.


For a transcript of the conversation, please check out the original post from February of this year.

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