Pfizer will back development and will be able to commercialize Tacere’s preclinical candidate.

Tacere Therapeutics and Pfizer agreed to work together on Tacere’s HCV compound, TT-033, in a deal worth over $145 million. The collaboration will focus on completing all necessary studies for submission of an IND application as well as clinical development and commercialization.

Tacere and Pfizer will form a joint steering committee to oversee preclinical R&D. Pfizer will fund all aspects of the collaboration and will have exclusive, worldwide rights, excluding Asian countries, to commercialize resulting products.

During the initial phase of the partnership, Pfizer will provide Tacere with financial backing to complete the necessary IND-enabling studies. In addition, Tacere will be eligible to receive payments depending on successful achievement of developmental, approval, and commercialization milestones. Upon commercialization, the company will also be entitled to royalties.

TT-033 is a therapeutic product containing three separate RNAi elements targeted against HCV and entrapped in an AAV protein coat. AAV delivery methods have demonstrated clinical safety. Preclinical studies have shown the ability to penetrate hepatocytes at high levels following a single intravenous administration, according to the company.

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