Icon will supply labeling, separation, and MS technologies for protein and peptide profiling.

Icon, a supplier of outsourced development services, inked a deal with Proteome Sciences, a provider of protein biomarker R&D, to bolster the biomarker solutions it can provide to clients. Through Proteome’s PS Biomarker Services™, Icon will gain a suite of labeling, separation, and mass spectrometry technologies for protein and peptide profiling in complex biological materials.

Proteome Sciences uses high-sensitivity proprietary technologies for protein biomarker discovery, validation, and assay development. Its PS Biomarker Services provides ISO 9001: 2008 accredited facilities in Frankfurt, using isobaric and isotopic Tandem Mass Tags® (TMT®) to discover protein biomarkers and reference materials combined with isotope dilution mass spectrometry.

“This complements Icon’s extensive portfolio of biomarker development and analysis services to help sponsors identify, implement, and interpret the right biomarkers to inform their preclinical and clinical drug development,” comments John Allinson, vp biomarker lab services, ICON development solutions.

Icon and Proteome Sciences are already working together on a separate project, under which they are developing a mass spectrometry assay for a biomarker for an unnamed pharmaceutical company.

Icon specializes in the strategic development, management, and analysis of clinical development programs from compound selection to Phase I–IV trial. It has around 7,700 employees, operating from 71 offices in 39 countries. Proteome Sciences, based in Cobham, U.K., has facilities in London and Frankfurt and delivers outsourced proteomics services and proprietary biomarkers.

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