Inhibitex will receiver over $4 million.

Inhibitex entered into a license and commercialization agreement with 3M for the development of various diagnostic products using Inhibitex’s MSCRAMM® protein platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Inhibitex granted 3M an exclusive global license to use Clumping Factor A (ClfA), an MSCRAMM protein, in the development of diagnostic products to detect Staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Inhibitex will receive over $4 million over the next five years, including license fees, future milestone payments, financial support for further research and development activities, and royalty payments on product sales. 3M also received a license to use additional MSCRAMM protein targets for the development of other diagnostic products.
MSCRAMM proteins are a family of proteins located on the surface of pathogenic organisms.

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