This GENcast is part 1 of a 3-part series on Cas-CLOVER, “the proven alternative to CRISPR-Cas9,” sponsored by Demeetra AgBio—exclusive Cas-CLOVER licensing partner for bioprocessing, synthetic biotechnology, and agriculture. Here I sat down with Dr. Eric Ostertag, MD, PhD, Executive Chairman at Poseida Therapeutics, and Harvard/MIT professor Dr. George Church, PhD, who leads synthetic biology at the Wyss Institute. A wealth of gene editing experience, stories, and applications are shared in this GENcast, from massive gene editing multiplexing of 24,000 sites at once to new technologies that “will be a bigger deal than CRISPR-Cas9”. Enjoy!

Poseida Therapeutics’ recent paper in Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids, “Cas-CLOVER is a novel high-fidelity nuclease for safe and robust generation of TSCM-enriched allogeneic CAR-T cells.”

For more information on Cas-CLOVER for bioprocessing, agriculture, and synthetic biotechnology, please visit Demeetra.

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