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The Drug-Gene Interaction Database


Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Easy to search for drugs or genes, searches can be saved

Weak Points: Nothing major


The Drug-Gene Interaction Database (DGIdb) compiles data about druggable targets on the genome in one easy-to-search database. Users can search for drugs or gene targets and filter their searches based on criteria such as whether the drug is FDA approved or whether the gene is clinically actionable. Searches return information about known drugs or genes, the interaction type, and references. Users can also download the search results. The website provides a detailed “Getting Started” section to help new users get the most out of their searches. The database is completely open source and users can download the full dataset included on the website or download the sourcecode from GitHub. The DGIdb is a user-friendly tool for researchers who need a quick and convenient way to search for druggable gene targets.