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Bristol-Myers Squibb Immuno-Oncology


Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Informative and well-organized

Weak Points: Only focused on research from Bristol-Myers Squibb


Immuno-oncology, from Bristol-Myers Squibb, is a great resource for healthcare providers interested in learning more about how researchers are utilizing the immune system to battle cancer. The website delves into general principles of immunology and how the immune system can be used to combat cancerous cells and tumors. Each topic is explained clearly and in detail, with additional references for further reading. In addition to introducing the overarching principles of immunology and immuno-oncology, the website also discusses clinical expectations of current treatments and how those expectations are evolving with continued research. There are also educational resources and videos available, and the website provides information about related organizations and ongoing clinical trials. Although the website is designed with healthcare providers in mind, there is a link to a companion website that provides a patient-friendly overview of this emerging therapy.