Green Solvents

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Strong Points: A good quick reference
Weak Points: Not much information given, chemical names not displayed alongside structures




If you work in a lab, you likely come into contact with a number of chemical solvents on a daily basis. The Green Solvents app by Molecular Materials Informatics provides reference information on the safety and environmental effects of common laboratory solvents. Within the app, solvents are given only by their chemical structure (although the name is displayed upon selection), and each chemical is color-coded from green to brown (albeit very subtly) according to the degree of its disposal/pollution problems. For each solvent, a numerical score ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being benign, 10 being very toxic) in five categories: safety, health, air, water, and waste. While the app may serve as a useful quick reference, the lack of additional information (such as an explanation of the number scheme) is a bit frustrating.