January 1, 1970 (Vol. , No. )


Strong Points: Mobile version of great Lab FAQs reference
Weak Points: Nothing major Rating: Excellent




The Roche LabFAQs+ app is comprised of two parts: A mobile version of the Roche Lab FAQs reference book, and a section comprised of calculators and converters (i.e. the “plus” part of the app’s name). For those not familiar with the Lab FAQs resource, it is a 350-page reference book that is divided into eight sections: four sections devoted to working with DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells, target enrichment for NGS, preparing buffers and media, conversion tables and formulas, and addresses and abbreviations. The guide is easy to browse within the app, and users can bookmark specific sections. The calculators section of the app offers a pretty standard collection of unit conversion tools and calculators, which are organized into categories such as “working with nucleic acids” and “buffers and media.”

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