Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Topics and reference tables are organized well

Weak Points: Only short examples provided, no interactive components

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: $0.99

If you frequently find yourself in need of a Physics reference but don’t want to carry around a heavy Physics textbook, then the Physics app is for you. The app is conveniently organized into units which cover topics ranging from the basics, such as mechanics and energy, up to more complex topics, such as quantum theory. Each unit is broken down into key topics, with each topic page containing a short description of the phenomenon, any relevant equations, and a few short examples. Additionally, the app comes loaded with several reference tables that list important equations and constants. The app also includes appendices that cover basic information, such as SI units and conversion factors. Although there aren’t any interactive components to the app, Physics is still a great reference tool for users who need a refresher on common physics principles.