Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Images provided in field guides are clear and informative

Weak Points: none

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free

iNaturalist makes it easy for anybody to get out into nature and start cataloging the diverse species around them. The app allows users to take pictures of the flora and fauna they come across and save them within the app. With their pictures, users can save a short write-up of their observations and the date, time, and location of their image. If a user shares his or her location with the app, it pulls up images of plants and animals that have been spotted around the current location. Additionally, the app includes comprehensive field guides, such as economically useful plants nearby or birds found in the user’s curent state, that can help users get started with observing their environment. iNaturalist is a well-designed and enjoyable app that makes it easy for users to get out into nature and observe, catalog, and share the interesting organisms they encounter along the way.