Adimab and Mersana Therapeutics initiated a joint effort to offer integrated antibody discovery and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technologies. The alliance is built to offer pharmaceutical companies access to Adimab’s antibodies that have been specifically optimized for use in ADCs together with Mersana’s Fleximer polymer and broad array of customizable linkers for attaching diverse, potent payloads.

“The flexibility in payloads, linkers, and drug loading enabled by Mersana’s Fleximer technology complements Adimab’s philosophy of tailoring drug development to the biology of the target of interest,” says Adimab CEO Tillman Gerngross. “With this deal, Adimab is further expanding its footprint beyond monoclonal antibody discovery. We view ADCs, as well as other aspects of antibody discovery such as bispecific formats, as important tools in the development of novel therapeutics.”

“Together we can provide ADCs with increased likelihood of target selectivity and therapeutic efficacy,” adds Mersana CEO Nicholas Bacopoulos.

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