Lampire will also provide customized aqueous blends in buffers.

Lampire Biological Laboratories (LBL) signed an agreement with Proliant Health and Biologicals to do contract filling and provide bovine serum albumin (BSA) to customers requiring less than Proliant’s standard 10 kilogram packaging. Lampire will also offer made-to-order aqueous blends.

Derived from the plasma of healthy, U.S.-origin animals with complete traceability, Proliant’s BSA reportedly exceeds 99% purity and is suitable for diagnostic, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and research applications.

“Proliant has become the preeminent bulk manufacturer of BSA, currently supplying over half the global demand,” according to Stephen Welch, president and CEO. “As part of this rapid growth, Proliant is committed to supplying customers who require smaller quantities of BSA the same value large-scale customers enjoy, plus a greater degree of flexibility and customer service. Lampire with its contract manufacturing abilities plus an extensive knowledge of the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries fulfills every attribute Proliant requires.”

Gregory F. Krug, president and CEO of LBL, says, “The applications for BSA are truly endless and we are proud to enter into this strategic partnership with Proliant. We are looking at drug development labs, academic research institutes, biotech companies, and antibody suppliers all of which need high-quality BSA.”

LBL specializes in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, cell culture devices and services, and a variety of blood-derived products. Founded in 1977, the Pennsylvania based-company offers secondary antibodies, purified IgGs, human and animal blood products, as well as animal tissues and organs.

The latest product and service releases include teratogenicity screening assays, New Zealand sourced animal blood products, the gas-permeable Lampire® Omni C3 Cell Culture Bag, exclusive antibodies to chemotherapeutic agents, and, now, Proliant BSA. Additional services include peptide synthesis, antigen design, antibody purification, custom conjugation, immunoassay development, and contract manufacturing.

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