Front Row Series 2: Andy Beck on AI

In Part Two of this series on AI in Drug Discovery and Development, Andy Beck MD PhD, CEO and co-founder of Path AI, discusses the application of AI to a rare liver disease

Andy Beck
Andy Beck

Having just sealed deals with Cleveland Clinic in March and with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in April, PathAI is having a successful start to 2022. The firm is only a few years old and already working with about 18 of the world’s top 20 biopharmas, according to CEO and co-founder Andy Beck, MD, PhD. In 2021, the company entered the diagnostics space by acquiring Poplar, an anatomic pathology laboratory services provider.

PathAI develops AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. The company has already collected more than one million slide images matched with expert pathologists’ annotations as well as partnerships with drug companies, labs, and about 400 board certified pathologists. The company launched their platform in 2017 and secured $165 million in Series C funding in 2021.

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The new deal with GSK is a strategic multi-year partnership in oncology and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The companies will leverage PathAI’s technologies in digital pathology including the use of PathAI’s AIM-NASH tool. NASH has emerged as a popular indication, both because of the increase in prevalence and the lack of available treatments.

With Cleveland Clinic, PathAI inked a five-year strategic collaboration to leverage its quantitative pathology algorithms both to conduct new translational research and for use as clinical diagnostics in multiple disease areas.

In part 2 of this series of Front Row, Malorye Branca talks to Beck about his company’s use of AI: Applying AI to NASH, an Emerging Opportunity with Huge Unmet Need.

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