October 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 17)

Built on a Promise: Pure, Precise, Performance, and People, Too

Great companies don’t succeed on products alone. It’s people and their commitment, knowledge, and skill that drive success. To get to know AMRESCO, take a good look at our products and services and get to know our people. You’ll see why AMRESCO has been so successful in meeting the needs of life science companies and research facilities for over three decades.

AMRESCO products are being used around the world in over 60 countries, and our High Purity Biochemicals, Specialty and Custom Manufacturing, and Strategic Services Groups, along with our Research Products Division, support the efforts of thousands of companies, from small start-up biotechnology firms to global leaders in the bioscience markets. We specialize in serving the diagnostic, molecular biology, molecular diagnostic, and biopharmaceutical markets.


High Purity Biochemicals—For those custom or large-scale manufacturing needs, AMRESCO supplies high-purity biochemicals in bulk quantities for many leading life science manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We have built a solid reputa­tion on tailoring biochemicals, chemicals, and reagents to the specific formulations and quantities required by our customers. Our products conform to standard compendial and multi-compendial specifications or to our customers’ unique analytical and functional specification requirements.


Liquid Manufacturing—AMRESCO’S liquid manufacturing capabilities provide purified water that consistently exceeds industry specifications for customer applications. Our production processes and technologies employ multiple production systems equipped with advanced technologies, ensuring product quality. We customize formulations and protocols to meet each unique application need, adjusting and treating for pH balance and connectivity. We process over 750 unique formulations and manage thousands of custom orders each year. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians reach a quality performance that exceeds 99%.

Aseptic Manufacturing—As a leader in custom aseptic precision manufacturing, AMRESCO is uniquely structured with total scalability to serve small research firms to large, global operations. Meeting stringent ISO standards and FDA regulations, AMRESCO offers fully automated and classed manufacturing, in addition to packaging facilities with varying cleanroom options to meet our customers’ product needs. Biological testing is done on-site for complete and repeatable validation. AMRESCO has extensive depth in its supply chain and controls all phases of the manufacturing and filling processes to assure that finished products meet the most stringent quality standards.

Our extensive fill and finish services include custom packaging, labeling, assembly, shipping, and warehousing. In addition, our regulatory and quality systems meet stringent industry standards. We maintain built-in capacity redundancies for critical risk mitigation. AMRESCO is in a continuous state of process refinement, facility investment, and capability expansion in order to assure the complex and changing needs of our customers are met.

Laboratory Research Products—AMRESCO is committed to developing new and innovative ways of improving research testing and overall life in the lab, whether by saving time and resources or through safer, more environmentally sensitive reagents and kits for use at the bench. Stringent testing ensures critical lot-to-lot reproducibility. AMRESCO’s products are designed for a broad spectrum of applications in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and other fields within the life sciences.


We believe that service at all levels is what drives customer success. We focus on our customers’ unique needs, then deliver the solutions that serve them best. That might be process improvement, inventory management, logistics, capacity management, or regulatory alignment. We work at a variety of levels to align and elevate our customers’ operations for maximum efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage.


AMRESCO’s success would not be possible without the dedication to excellence of each associate. Smart, committed, collaborative, and knowledgeable, our people support each other to work in the best interest of our customers, making sure that excellence, quality, and service are delivered on a daily basis. They understand that the work they do each and every day is a crucial link in the operations of their customers, and that their efforts ultimately benefit the lives of people worldwide.


6681 Cochran Road

Solon, OH 44139

Phone 800.448.4442

Website www.amresco-inc.com

Date Founded 1976

Number of Employees 250

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