October 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 17)

In the Service of Science

ATR is proud to be honored as the U.S. industry-leading specialist for mammalian cell culture in shake flasks. ATR was the first company to integrate accurate CO2 control in the Infors Multitron incubated shaker.

Our expertise is based on over 30 years of involvement in the scientific community. ATR’s incubated shakers and bioreactors are used throughout the U.S. in biotech, biopharma, research and academic institutions, as well as various government entities.

ATR was the first company to supply parallel bioreactors, the Infors Sixfors, in the United States. The next-generation parallel bioreactor systems, Infors Multifors, are used in cultivating microbial, animal, plant, and human cells. The Infors line of bioreactors is available with both glass and stainless steel vessels for bench, pilot, and production scale.

Recent engineering advancements in biofuels have positioned ATR in the forefront of this research field. The Infors Luxfors LED photobioreactors are being used in the development of alternative fuels, fuel additives, fuel-based biochemicals, and other phototrophic research applications. The LED Flat Panel vessel allows light intensity equal to the sun on the equator.

Customer service is the basis of ATR’s company model. Our in-house staff has knowledge and expertise on all product lines. The main office in Laurel, MD helps customers throughout the U.S. and is complemented by our offices in Boston and the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Markets Served

ATR has full service and sales support throughout the U.S. Specialists cover presales, on-site product and installation support, and important after-sales application support. ATR serves all markets in biotechnology including small start-ups, CMO, CRO, medium and large biotech-based companies, as well as the research divisions of large pharma, research institutions, academia, and the U.S. government.

ATR has established and maintained an excellent reputation among the scientific community. Our customer base has well over 20,000 persons. ATR focuses on bioprocess development, cell-line characterization, and optimization using shake flasks and small-scale parallel bioreactors. Our customers take this knowledge from pilot to production work. Our Multitron incubated shakers for cell and microbial culture are qualified for cGMP processes throughout production labs across the country.


ATR’s motto is “In the Service of Science.“  We service science through maintaining general laboratory equipment, improving equipment, or developing new equipment for specific applications. Based on a close relationship with laboratory personnel ATR has helped develop and modify laboratory equipment.

ATR used Peltier cells when PCR was in its infancy to develop a cooling system used in the treatment of prostate cancer. Continuing with specialized cooling systems ATR developed a containment enclosure with an integrated cooling system used to study the effects of zero gravity on many different cell lines. The system was deployed on space shuttle missions for many years. 

ATR developed a manifold for freeze drying thin layers of cancerous tissue on slides to better preserve cancer cell markers.

With the advent of Gene­Chip™ technology ATR helped develop and patent a hybridization oven for microarrays and private labeled the equipment for many years.

ATR designed and manufactures a simple tube rotator that can be found in most molecular biology labs.

Currently ATR manufactures the Infors Multitron shaker for the U.S. market. ATR manufactures equipment under private labels for the biotechnology and industrial markets.


9157 Whiskey Bottom Road Laurel, MD 20275

Phone: 800.827.5931

Website: www.atrbiotech.com

Date Founded: 1980

Number of Employees: 27

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