Glyconics© has completed two independent clinical studies to validate the performance and safety of its novel non-invasive diabetes screening device. The device facilitates mass screening for diabetes by analyzing glycated keratin in fingernails. Glyconics’ chief medical officer, Päivi Maria Paldánius, PhD, said: “Diabetes kills prematurely more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined every year and is a major cause of debilitating, severe complications such as blindness, heart attack, and stroke. Although early detection is recommended, mass screening for diabetes is not implemented as it currently necessitates invasive blood sampling, tons of single-use plastics, and complex, costly operations. The clinical implementation of these results—using a novel, non-invasive approach to screening–will now enable a more strategic allocation of limited healthcare resources for the management of global diabetes risk in the future.” The company says it will continue with a third large-scale study later this year.


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