Confocal Raman Imaging Microscope

HORIBA Scientific

The LabRAM Soleil™ confocal Raman imaging microscope gives researchers the ability to observe samples in different modes for all types of applications, with optimized broadband dielectric mirrors and a high throughput spectrometer. The LabRAM Soleil offers self-operation, remote maintenance, and instant objective recognition. The user can speed up analyses with a fully-automated, featured-packed instrument with up to six motorized lasers (four builtin, two external), and six spectroscopic modes (which include Raman, ULF, photoluminescence, and up-conversion luminescence) allow the system to operate in the specific context of the application domain, with a high degree of flexibility. The microscope enables users to explore a variety of applications, including material and earth science, life and environmental science, and a myriad of new emerging research domains. As explained by the company’s vice president of sales and business development, “using LabRAM Soleil™ means ‘Getting There Faster’ for the most demanding customers who need to accelerate their research, supercharge their analyses, and ultimately boost paper publication.”

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