The success and applications of cell and gene therapies are seemingly limitless, and economic forecasts project a compound annual growth rate of almost 40% over the next eight years. This rapid expansion is a double edge sword for biomanufacturers of cell and gene therapy products. On the one hand, the tremendous growth is excellent for business. Yet, on the flip side, biomanufacturers are faced with solving the numerous challenges of scaling-up production workflows: from raw material sourcing to supply chain management to adopting new and innovative production modalities. Having a trusted global partner that can help organizations navigate the tumultuous bioprocessing waters of cell and gene therapy production is advantageous and often the key to continued success in the space.

In this GENcast, we sit down with the Executive Vice President of Biopharma Production at Avantor, Dr. Ger Brophy, to discuss some of the precautions and improvements for cell and gene therapies and how manufacturers can address many of the challenges they face. Take a listen!

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