WuXi Biologics, a CDMO, launched the GMP operation of its new drug product facility DP5 located in Wuxi, China. The DP5 is the ninth operational drug product facility in the global network of WuXi Biologics.

The DP5 facility features an isolator filling line for continuous and steady filling services, which offers multiple volume delivery options for pre-filled syringes (PFS), including 1 mL Long, 1 mL, 2.25 mL and 3 mL, notes WuXi. The maximum filling speed reportedly can reach 400 PFS/min to support 17 million syringes of drug products manufacturing every year.

The increased manufacturing capacity at DP5 allows WuXi Biologics to provide global partners with faster and more robust end-to-end drug product services for their innovative products at different scales and stages, says Chris Chen, PhD, CEO.

“Compared to a traditional drug product filling line, DP5’s state-of-the-art design and layout, single-use technology, and automated equipment, significantly decrease the risk of contamination and maintain aseptic control required in the filling process,” he continues. “This process supports clients’ products scale up to commercial capability and reliably delivers to patients under the highest quality standards which WuXi Biologics represents.”

Pre-filled syringes have emerged as one of the fastest-growing choices for biologics dosage form as our partners seek new and more convenient biologics delivery methods, according to Chen.

“The GMP operation of DP5, our first commercial drug product facility for pre-filled syringes, not only demonstrates our commitment to global partners, but also marks an important milestone for WuXi Biologics to become one of the global leaders in drug product CDMO services,” he adds.

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