Deal makes RexGene one of Eugene Sciences largest customers.

RexGene Biotech will manufacture and market several cholesterol-lowering nutraceutical products containing Eugene Science’s water soluble CZ™ plant sterol ingredient, under a strategic distribution alliance between the two firms. “The Eugene Science water-soluble CZ ingredient is the ideal platform upon which RexGene will create a large and important new product line that we are confident will be met with strong demand by South Korea’s 50 million consumers,” points out Il Jae Jung, senior marketing manager, RexGene.

RexGene plans to develop and launch the first CZ-based products beginning in January, 2007, followed by several other product launches throughout the first half of 2007. RexGene’s forecast for CZ purchases to support a mass-market, multiproduct line of cholesterol-lowering supplements indicates that it will become one of Eugene Science’s largest customers in early 2007.

Additionally, Eugene Science retains overseas distribution rights, including in the U.S., for RexGene-manufactured CZ products.

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