Repligen and Navigo Proteins report that they have completed development and started the commercial launch of the NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein Affinity Resin. Working with Navigo Proteins on the ligand development and partnering with Purolite Life Sciences on Praesto® agarose bead technology, the resulting product meets all the expected requirements of a high-performance resin including very high selectivity, high dynamic binding capacities and caustic stability over multi-cycle use, according to Ralf Kuriyel, senior vice president, R&D, Repligen.

“We are very pleased to launch this resin and are very encouraged by the positive customer feedback on its overall performance in the development and manufacture of spike protein based vaccines,” he said.

“The rapid deployment of our Precision Capturing® technology and working in parallel with the Repligen team has resulted in getting a Spike resin into the market in less than 10 months,” added Henning Afflerbach, Phd, CEO of Navigo Proteins.

NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein Affinity Resin will be manufactured and marketed by Repligen. Resin samples are available immediately and can be ordered in Repligen’s pre-packed OPUS® columns to expedite and support evaluations and scaleup, noted Kuriyel.

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