Combination will be provided for use on Agilent’s DNA microarrays for gene-expression analysis.

NuGEN Technologies plans to incorporate Kreatech Biotechnology’s FL-Ovation™ cDNA Fluorescent Modules with its family of Ovation™ RNA amplification products. Together the systems will provide life science researchers with a flexible and sensitive RNA sample-preparation workflow for use on Agilent DNA microarrays for gene-expression analysis, the companies state.

The nonexclusive deal calls for Kreatech to supply components for a NuGEN-validated fragmentation and labeling system for one- and two-color microarray analysis utilizing its patented Universal Linkage System (ULS™) for labeling with Cy™3 and Cy™5 mono NHS esters licensed by NuGEN from GE Healthcare.

“With technology from Kreatech and GE Healthcare, NuGEN can now deliver the Ovation RNA amplification system to researchers conducting gene-expression analysis on the Agilent platform,” says Sue Pandey, Ph.D., vp of commercial operations for NuGEN Technologies. “Our customers have asked us to deliver an Ovation solution enabling whole genome expression analysis for the Agilent platformand we’ve created a simple, easy-to-use, yet highly reproducible and sensitive solution based on our proven Ovation technology.”

NuGEN says that using as little as picograms of total RNA, Ovation Systems allow small, degraded, and challenging RNA samples to be amplified into micrograms of cDNA. The amplified cDNA can be fragmented and labeled for same-day hybridization to Agilent DNA microarrays or used for direct qPCR analysis. The new module now makes the Ovation family of products available to researchers who use the Agilent platform, enabling detection of extremely low-abundance transcripts and raising the level of sensitivity for global gene-expression analysis, according to NuGEN. The company plans to launch the new product this fall.

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