Bayer will use T2 Biosystems’ T2 Magnetic Resonance technology platform (T2MR®) under a multiyear hemostasis research collaboration whose value was not disclosed.

The collaboration, disclosed today by T2, will enable both companies to evaluate T2MR with Bayer’s hemostasis drug discovery and development efforts.

The companies are working to develop tools and evaluate assays to advance drug discovery as well as biomarker research for select Bayer programs related to blood coagulation disorders, T2 said.

T2MR is a diagnostic detection method that uses miniaturized magnetic resonance technology to measure how water molecules react in the presence of magnetic fields.

The platform has been designed to enable detection of several types of targets, including molecular targets, immunodiagnostics, and a broad range of hemostasis measurements. In hemostasis, T2MR is being developed to provide diagnostics that include measurements of platelet activity, fibrinolysis, and clotting time from a sample as tiny as a finger stick amount of blood.

According to T2, the technology is sufficiently sensitive to allow for rapid and comprehensive monitoring of drug side effects in animal models and human patients.

The agreement disclosed today builds on a year of joint research by the companies—including a recent extension of their work to include an unspecified number of preclinical and early clinical programs.

Hematology is one of Bayer’s six areas of research focus in drug discovery, along with cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, and gynecology.

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