Companies say sequencing-based assay will help fight against TB in less developed countries.

Indian biotech firm Avesthagen is teaming up with CosmosID to develop a tuberculosis (TB) assay that will diagnose the strain of M. tuberculosis bacterium present in a patient sample and so provide data to help treatment decision making. The firms say they expect the collaboration to generate a new approach to the development of diagnostic kits for rapidly screening patient samples.

Avesthagen’s work in the TB field has provided a genomic data pool. It says CosmosID’s expertise in rapid pathogen identification methods will aid the development of a precise and fast diagnostic screening test. “The collaboration will help in improving healthcare in developing and lesser developed countries where it is needed most,” comments Villoo Morawala-Patell, M.D., founder and chief medical director at Avesthagen.

CosmosID specializes in the development of diagnostic software solutions for identifying pathogens, and detecting antibiotic resistant strains, and virulence factors. The firm’s products are based on its metagenomic analysis pathogen identification solution, MetaSeq™ Genomics, which has been designed to provide rapid, accurate simultaneous identification of pathogens and associated microorganisms in a single test, using unassembled DNA sequence reads, proprietary software algorithms, and databases. The next generation sequencing (NGS)-based platform is underpinned by the core Genius™ (Genomic Identification Universal System) sequencing technology.

Currently focused on bacteria and viruses, CosmosID says its technology can ultimately be applied to develop tests for all types of pathogens, including parasites and fungi. 

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