PerkinElmer and Tibco Software inked a strategic alliance through which PerkinElmer has exclusively licensed Tibco’s Spotfire® analytics and data discovery platform for specific scientific R&D markets, including basic and preclinical development applications in life sciences and R&D, as well as applications in academia and the chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food and beverage, and consumer products markets.

PerkinElmer says the alliance with combine the capabilities of its own domain knowledge and solutions with the analytical capabilities of Spotfire to generate a broader set of analytical solutions for the research market. Through the deal the firm will take responsibility for growing and servicing the Tibco Spotfire business in its designated fields.

The Spotfire platform has been developed to allow the addition of real-time data interpretation to existing data generation and assembly tools. “How scientists capture and visualize their data through the Tibco Spotfire platform is fundamental to how scientists conduct their work,” explains Mike Stapleton, general manager of informatics at PerkinElmer. “Spotfire is a critical data analysis tool for the R&D community and complements PerkinElmer’s informatics offering by adding search and data visualization, which are among the most pressing business requirements of life sciences, diagnostics, and environmental laboratories worldwide. . . . The interoperability of PerkinElmer’s E-Notebook wtih the Tibco Spotfire platform puts all information in one place for our customers.”

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