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It’s been said that “competition makes us faster, but collaboration makes us better!” And while the author of this quote may still be unknown, the message that it inspires is intensely familiar. The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers from Merck are fundamental to the development of innovative resolutions to common bioproduction problems. The technical expertise of the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers spans all aspects of the bioprocessing spectrum, and the facilities are located in key biopharma hubs around the world—with experts able to tackle region-specific challenges, as well as the toughest scientific problems. In the podcasts below, you can listen to compelling stories of novel solutions and innovative application of technologies that brought M Lab™ Collaboration Centers team members together with various biopharmaceutical manufacturers to make science, better.

Podcast Series: Collaborations in Bioprocessing

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Emerging Markets Collaborate to Succeed in Post-Pandemic World

Biopharma industry collaborations are on the rise as researchers seek novel ways to combat post-pandemic diseases. Collaboration can take many forms and offer numerous benefits, including access to new technologies, expertise, and funding, as well as the ability to share risks and responsibilities. Successful collaborations can lead to the development of new treatments for patients, while simultaneously reducing costs and time for manufacturers.
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Biomanufacturing’s 10-Year Plan for the Future

 Scientific collaborations exist in numerous forms, from small one-on-ones to large industry partnerships. Yet sometimes it's difficult to know where to turn for the appropriate collaborative assistance, and investigators can be left to feel stranded. Thankfully, resources like BioPhorum have created an environment where...

Find the Right Fit when Tackling Late Stage Bioprocessing Challenges

In this GENcast, we explore different troubleshooting techniques that the M Lab™ Collaboration Center experts employed, together with Biogen, to solve their facility fit challenges.

GENcast: Explore, Learn, and Collaborate on Bioprocessing Challenges in China

We connected recently with a few members of the M Lab Collaboration Centers to discuss some of the recent, successful projects they collaborated on with clients in China. They discuss some of the challenges they faced on their project, how they set out to resolve those issues, and what the future holds for them and the Chinese biopharma market.
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Improving Protein Therapeutic Production is a Key Goal of Biopharma 4.0

 Transformation is never a simple or fast process, especially in the biopharmaceutical industry. Yet, transformative events are integral to generating new therapeutics that have the potential to aid thousand or even millions of lives. Transformation in science can happen on many fronts, and Biopharma...